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Augmented Reality Art (AR)

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

Augmented Reality is a type of technology that adds something to- or augments- the real world around you. 

You stay in this world and something is added, layered in to your experience of it.

AR differs from Virtual Reality (VR) as with that technology you put on a headset and enter a virtual, digitally created world.

I have been utilising AR in my art practice since 2014. 

I am interested in the possibilities brought about by the intersection of art, science, design and technology.

AR adds another layer, reinforces concepts inherent in the painting, fosters interaction with the work and often results in surprise and wonder in the viewer. And I love that - the idea of looking at something anew, in a different way, and retaining a sense of wonder in the world.

The 'Connect' paintings 

This series of paintings is a reflection on our connection with nature. We are part of nature, not separate from it. Everything is interconnected.

I am using the image/symbol of the snorkeller or swimmer as one who is literally immersing themselves in the natural environment… and will discover a world of beauty there not visible from above.

The sea is alive.

This immersion is taken a step further through moving image layered in to the work through augmented reality.

AR creates co-existent realities. The viewer themselves sees both the static and the moving image and is drawn in to interacting, connecting with the artwork.

I began this series of paintings in a solo show in 2020 and continue adding to it and exploring this theme.

Connect #3.jpeg
Connect #6.jpeg
Connect #1.jpeg
Connect #9.jpeg

The Dolfish

Philippa Bentley Dolfish AR app

Free AR app - find on Apple's App Store for IOS  and on Google Playstore for Android phones and tablets

My Dolfish - half dolphin, half fish- has become my signature on my nautical chart artworks.

It came out of my 'Hic sunt dracones' (Here be dragons) series and signifies the great unknown, the future and what we may find there. 

AR gif dolphin PBentley copy.jpg

Monarch Butterfly

Philippa Bentley Monarch Butterfly AR app

AR metamorphosis brings my Monarch Butterfly to life, to fly around the room in front of you.

To download this free app simply search Philippa Bentley Monarch on the Appstore for iPhones or on Google Playstore for Android phones and tablets. 


IMG_8994 2.jpg
Monarch Butterfly - detail image, Philippa Bentley.jpg
Monarch flies oiut of my computer!.jpg

Red Admiral Butterfly


Ark Hive Bee


It was great to be involved with The Big Egg Hunt and raise funds for the Starship Foundation. 

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