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The Paper Boats

A paper boat at sea conveys fragility, vulnerability and reflects on the need for care of our oceans.

The paper boats are housed in a beautiful glass case, a symbol of preservation and reminiscent of model boats in large wooden display cases. An array of diatoms on the inside surfaces of the boat see it become a protective vessel, an ark. ​

Diatoms are small but mighty phytoplankton with beautiful shells of silica- fascinating algae that live in intricate glass houses. They play important ecological roles on a global scale as, through carbon fixation, diatoms remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere ( they take more carbon out of the atmosphere than all the world’s tropical rainforest), are an important part of the food web and they produce a significant proportion of the world's oxygen- infact they liberate enough oxygen for our every fifth breath.

My Dolfish - half dolphin, half fish- has become my  signature in these works, brought to life through augmented reality (AR), signifying the unfamiliar and what we may discover there... on paper seas. (*AR Dolfish app)

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