Recent series


Big sky. Big sea. Big space. Big calm.

My paintings are pared right back. The simplicity is deliberate and, its effect, calming and uplifting.

This series of paintings came out of my own need for a sense of space and calm and beauty in the world, in troubled times. I began to feel overwhelmed by news of the dire state of the natural and political landscape and this series  of paintings became my response- watching seabirds glide, flow and soar gives me such a feeling of space and calm. My aim is to share that same feeling with you, the viewer.


This series of paintings is a reflection on our connection with nature.

We are part of nature, not separate from it. Everything is interconnected.

I am using the snorkeller symbolically as one who is literally immersing themselves in the natural environment… and will discover a world of beauty and life there not visible from above.

If we feel connected to our natural environment  we are more likely to nurture it.

This immersion is taken a step further through moving image* layered in to the work through augmented reality.

(* the artist’s own video).