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Navigation charts, maps and paintings

Paper seas, Paper Arks




Maps and sea charts- nautical navigation charts-  are both beautiful and functional and each carries layers of information skilfully drawn and waiting to be read. Each chart has a story to tell of travel and adventure; a sense of place, belonging; order; and of finding our way forward.

I am developing a growing body of work around sea charts, following several themes and series, adding new visual layers,  contemplation and meaning.

For Artist Statement on these artworks click here. Hic sunt dracones; Paper boats; Archipelago series.

The Archipelago works, depicting human landforms embedded in the chart as Motu, began in 2020. We are part of nature, not separate to it and so I am re-charting the landscape, with the human as landforms/islands, part of the ecosystem. Only with this way of seeing, this world view, can we be part of a harmonious whole. These works also refer to a sense of belonging, a sense of place, of Turangawaewae. (Short film discussing this- link.)






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